Our Alpha version is now live!

What is Fetchable?

Fetchable is a search engine for AI. We collect the world's data, transform it into a format that AI can interact with, and make it available to them.

For developers, this means no collecting and maintaining databases and more time focusing on building your product.

How does it work?

Say you've built an intelligent system such as a chatbot, robot or a smart speaker...

And a user asks your system something it doesn't know the answer to...

$ curl https://api.fetchable.ai /amazon_river/length

from fetchable import FetchableClient

client =  FetchableClient()
client.fetch_entity_attribute("amazon_river", "length")

import com.fetchable.*;

FetchableClient  client  =  new  FetchableClient();
client.fetch_entity_attribute("amazon_river", "length");

#include <fetchable.h>

fetchable::Client  client  = fetachable::Fetchable();
client.fetch_entity_attribute("amazon_river", "length");

Simply make an api call to Fetchable in your favourite language...

And we'll return the answer.


 "value": 6992,
 "unit": "km"

500k+ data points

...and growing fast.

We collect data from a vast range of sources: books, encyclopedias, publicly released datasets - anywhere we can find it! The data is then structured, annotated, sorted and entered into our Index. Our index is then made accessible to anyone through our API.

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Our Alpha version is live.

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